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The band's name comes from a true story. A group of six young African-American and Hispanic teenage men from the 1960s who were wrongly accused of heavy crimes that took place on 125th Street and Madison Avenue in Harlem, New York, two of whom were murdered without evidence to support the charges. The media gave the group the name The Harlem Six, and the name is still used today in memory of the six young men.[1]

Members and Featured Producers

The group has three main members: God "A.G.R." Harrison, Lord "Black Jesus" Harrison, and Ruben "Young Man" Rosario. Supporting members include: Omar "Khilly Mo (pronounced CHilly MoH)" Daniels, "G-Flexx Big Mo Biz", "Rap Master 1" And "Military Mind". Featured producers "G-Flexx Big-Mo-Biz"


& Producer "Keyyz"

Harlem 6 Also Has Extended Family Worldwide Such As Kane K.O. Osborne!

Harlem 6 The Movement

Everything about "The Harlem 6" is awe inspiring. If you met a member of "The 6" in person he'd definitely offer you words of encouragement and guidance and possibly even enlightened wisdom. Truly a wonder and a marvel to hip-hop today. They vow to restore the condition of hip-hop back to a more traditional form. They have said "Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency" This was most likely because "Wu-tang is for the children" and the group is an affiliate. Kids can't be raised off sex, drugs and violence. That is not the way. The very courageous aspirations of the 6 is to, one day, take the hip-hop world by storm and show every soul that hears it that they have worth and value as a human being. There's hope in the ghetto but its spelled "community". The Harlem 6 will be travelling across the United States to communities in need to give seminars on the realities of gangsterism and building positive, healthy communities.

A.G.R. "The R&B God" is the leader of Harlem 6 alongside his loyal brother Black Jesus. Their given names at birth (Godrulallah & Isa Kundalini) represent the living God and the divine knowledge that will be used to achieve destiny everlasting. Both A.G.R And Black Jesus have testified they will change the game (Hip-Hop) forever overcoming and destroying any forces that seek to hinder the path.

In earlier times Black Jesus was blessed by MC NEWYORK with his rap name. For those of you who don't know, MC NEWYORK is also known as 2Pac. So, then, it is understandable that great honor is always with him. Black Jesus has released 2 solo albums "The Greatest Story Never Told" & "Gods Of War Pt. 1 With Don Kundalini". His debut album had a very special guest appearance from the world renowned "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal" a.k.a "Guru" Of Gangstarr. Black Jesus has a third album in its creative stages entitled "Karma Enigma". Black Jesus also starred in a film called "Black, White And Red All Over". This film was viewed at the Sundance Film Festival. Known for helping out around the community Black Jesus is an important person in his neighborhood. He stands for diversity always. Very knowledgeable in all things related to black history. Musically he pours out his understandings of a sometimes hard to understand situation or problem to bring light to it. You can grasp this if you choose to view his Video he did with Jazy T.V. It is called "Black Jesus - The American"

The 4 original members of "Harlem 6" AGR Black Jesus Khilly Mo and Young Man.

These 4 have symbolized Harlem 6 since day 1. Based out of Hip-hops cradle - New York City. These outstandingly talented artists have made their mark already! Debuting in 2001 with the album entitled "Mixtape Conquer Volume 1" which was hosted by the Grand-master of Wu-tang...yes.. by RZA. The video to the hit single "Ode To The Wu" had aired on worldwide television (MTV). The song is also available for play in many Juke-Boxes all across North America. Keeping true to the debut album title (Mixtape Conquer) the Harlem 6 went on to sell over 500,000 CD's but not out of stores! They sold 500,000 Albums HAND TO HAND! These members are the 4 who are continuing the legacy of the original "Harlem Six" A.k.a "The Blood Brothers" who were wrongfully accused of murder in 1964. The Harlem Six from the 1960s are the fore-fathers of the 5 percent nation (Gods And Earths) which is an esoteric gnosis of the Holy Quran. The Original Harlem 6 from the 1960s were known as "The God Fathers Of Supreme Mathematics" because of this gnosis. Apparently they also ran covert operations where they would rough up the scumbag neighborhood drug dealers in efforts to keep the community healthy and a safe place to play for the kids. The 6 in "Harlem 6" is always red or white to denote the innocence of the six and the innocent blood that was spilled that day in April 1964. The Harlem 6 are here with purpose. From the eldest members of the Group originating in the 1960s down to the younger members of today's times. It is important to the group to keep that spirit flowing out to the people. the spirit of innocence, purity, and also empowerment.

A.G.R. "The R&B God" grew up in the Bronx of New York. Even at a young age he knew he would be a star. He is the C.E.O Of "Entaprise Entertainment LLC" which is the record label he operates. In "The 6's" tireless efforts to earn the recognition they were entitled to, A.G.R. successfully struck a deal with Universal Records And Mi5/Wrom Records. In the process AGR & "The 6" were able to turn the heads of big media such as "Hip-Hop Illustrated Magazine"

"The Source Magazine" "Shade 45 Radio" and others.  Even notable characters 

from the NBA & NFL like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Peyton Manning took notice to "The Harlem 6 Movement" on twitter. A.G.R. is "relentless when it comes to the grind". Over the last year or 2 he has sold about 10,000 copies of his debut solo album entitled "King Of The Industry". He has claims to being "The King Of The Industry" because his flawless hustle and determined mindset always puts him a cut above the rest. He takes the throne

for selling albums on the street *hands down*.   Aside from his unfailing

work ethic A.G.R. is also a world class singer. The rest of "The 6" sometimes call him "Captain Hook" because he always seems to have the right words to sing in a song. AGR was and always will be great friends with GURU of Gangstarr. Word is that AGR will be playing GURU in the Gangstarr documentary/biopic. AGR had the Wu-tang "W" passed down onto him from RZA himself around 1999. This was a blessing to the Harlem 6 family and also it is a great honor to bear the Wu-tang W in the eyes of Hip-Hop. A.G.R. has also compiled the soon to be released "GLOBAL WARNING MIXTAPES SERIES" with appearances from DMX, Jadakiss, Capadonna, The Outlaws and many many famous acts and also a big big opportunity for a lot of upcoming artists (some who have found success since working with AGR) There had been some contraversey over the mixtape series dating back to 2012 when a New York radio DJ personally attacked and attempted to defame the leader of Harlem 6 (AGR) by posting misleading information online due to their falling out. With his expertise and education in business and marketing he has announced the Global Warning Mixtape Series (G.W.M.S) platform will be ready for launch in the future. With the steps to super-stardom being underway AGR always seems zealous and motivated to work towards "The 6's" common goal of reaching the people with uplifting, soulful vibes and also getting that C.R.E.A.M.!

New members of the Harlem 6 G-Flexx Big Mo Biz Kane "K.O." Osborne Military Mind and Illumined Mafia

Allow me to introduce you to "super-producer" G-Flexx Big Mo Biz. He has worked behind the scenes on musical scores for blockbusters such as "Dancing With The Wolves" He is a long time friend of Snoop Dogg and during his career he has worked with Pharell, Mary J. Blige and has even recorded records for Elton John. Very Impressive.

From New York all the way to the ghettos of South Africa the Harlem 6 family reaches worldwide. "Military Mind" (Johannesburg, SA) took the internet by storm in 2014 becoming the #1 hip-hop artist on the continent just before being signed to Harlem 6 And Entaprise Entertainment. He is multi-lingual and often raps in Venda, his mother tongue. He has been featured on various radio shows including 24/7 Africa Hip-Hop which is one of the biggest Hip-Hop shows in Africa. He often travels to different cities to deliver live performances. A very talented singer and vocalist. Unbelievable abilities on the microphone. He often raps about real everyday experiences in Africa such as fetching well water, or having conflict with another South African. More often then not he raps about the ladies and having a good time. One Love for Mother Africa. Check out Military Mind { www.reverbnation.com/militaryminds }

Rap Master 1 Is From Outside Of time And And Space And Exists only as a hallucination. Author of 50,000 Rap Songs With Over 500 Recorded. Rap Master 1 Faked His Birth. He was actually born backwards out of existence. As a master in space and time and also the creature at the bottom of room 13 time travel or even teleportation is not an object. Defending the planet from 4th dimensional entides that created master bridges to your current version of reality. also the victorious one over the fallen angels that descended to earth april 16th 2007. Master precog with lucid access to all things known and unknown future present past or even non existent. 12 helix dna allows rap master 1 at times to alter his perception to spit upwards of 28 sylables a second. he also embodies the form of light. In the current physical spectrums of reality the rap game is leading us towards an oblivion (as of 6 years ago) we are in the great falling away of rap. let this transformative alchemical transmutation to occur over the celestial cycles of time. as the time codes now depict the uprise of underground rap. With the forces of The harlem 6 and combined allies our transcendence into rap balance will become. Rap Master 1 is known to write up to 100 verses in 1 sitting. Often meditating hours at a time (or even days) before beginning to write. Founder of the Website www.godsandearths.yoocos.org he has made some knowledge available and encourages others to join the cause of the harlem 6. Only materializing into existence at times he has spent most of his incarnate moments in high risk street situations. Aspiring Student Of Quantum Theory. The Matrix Has you. Set you free through raw experience and impossiblity. Total recall is at your hands. in a constant epiphanical brainwave the precise swords delivered by this artist will have an everlasting effect. Builder in the community and mentor. During 2011-2017 Rap Master 1 Had been hiding many things that were non existent. He fought an interdimensional time war with sorceric cults hell bent on imprisoning us to a global curse. Was pronounced dead. Rap Master 1 is an enthusiast of human rights and against moral and ethical corruption. Hyper dimensional agents in the past had traced him through multiple timelines only to lock him into solitary confinement for over 200 days for extraction of quantum cognition theory, what an ape is to a human, a human is to Rap Master 1. Shot Multiple Times, Stabbed And In An Explosion Rap Master 1 Is Here WIth Purpose, Power And Cause .Without any due testimony, Rap Master 1 has without any shadow of a doubt proven the existence of telepathy and many other abilities including being able to walk into your dreams.

He's won countless battles and almost every artist he dissed on record had changed their rap alias. He released a mixtape trilogy with appearances from Canibus, Prince Ea, Sick Since, Dead Rabbits, Lost Children Of Babylon, Lord Lhus, June Marx, Ascended Masters, Wu-Corp Army And More.

Harlem 6 is more than a Hip-Hop/Rap group. It is the embodiment of all that is Innocent. Masters of their realm directing all intentions towards actualizing the phoenix-like rebirth of rap music. The New Album "The Streets Made Us" will be released through Universal Music Group in partnership with Entaprise Entertainment LLC. This album will be produced by Producer "Keyyz" And G-Flexx Big Mo Biz Starring THE HARLEM 6.